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Well!!! Here is the absolute truth!!! I speak and write what I experience not to make anyone feel better. What an amazing company, Florida Pools & Spas Ds Inc is Awesome!!! I'm a very very picky person so if you're looking for QUALITY and detail look no further!! We all shop for deals and that's cool BUT let's be real we've all been there you save a $1.00 and then regret it. Price is important but Quality is priceless!!! With a project like this I wouldn't want to mess around with poor quality. And with Florida Pools & Spas Ds Inc you get Quality!!!! From the owners to all the workers its been an awesome experience. Pool was completed and its FLAWLESS!!! My family LOVE's it !!!!!!!
THANK YOU to everyone at Florida Pools & Spas Ds Inc for this great experience.


This pool company is the best in the business! 13 years ago they built me the most beautiful pool in the world when I built my house. The construction was perfect back then and I haven't had a single problem with it since it was built! I recently went to list my home for sale and it came to my attention that there was a minor administrative detail on a permit from 2007 still outstanding. Dan and Cheryl were amazing and helped me through it. This is the iconic family business. I don't think I have ever had a better experience with a contractor/builder. This team knows their stuff, and on top of being superior builders of quality pools, they know their stuff all around and are facilitating me streamline the process to take care of the final admin detail with my city 13 years later!